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Products We Offer

Offering aggregation of selections in respiratory products

CPAP/BIPAP Units and supplies

If you have sleep apnea, we have CPAP and BIPAP machines available in the office. We also have an expansive variety of masks and other CPAP accessories. A registered respiratory therapist is always available to assist you in determining what equipment will best meet your needs. Please book an appointment for CPAP/BIPAP purchase or mask fitting.

We also offer a free downloading service for your CPAP/BIPAP machines to help ensure that you can have the best night’s sleep possible.

Oxygen & Aerosol Supplies

We also offer a variety of oxygen supplies, including nasal cannulas, oxygen masks, humidifier bottles, saturation monitors, and more.


**To use your oxygen therapy in a safe and hygienic manner, regular cleaning and/or replacement of oxygen supplies is imperative.**

Home oxygen concentrators

If your doctor has prescribed home oxygen therapy to you, a home concentrator is an essential piece of equipment. Once plugged in, the concentrator will take in room air, remove the oxygen, and give it straight to you via the connected tubing. It can run 24/7, does not run out, and is easy to operate with a short orientation from one of our registered respiratory therapists or technicians. Concentrators are available for both rental and purchase. Please contact us, and one of our therapists can assess you and your oxygen needs. If you have questions regarding funding and payment, our financing department is ready and willing to assist you.

Other Respiratory Therapies Available

  • Suction Units (portable and non-portable) and supplies 

  • Tracheostomy Tubes and supplies

  • PEP devices 

  • LVR baggers 

  • Aerosol Compressors